Law Institute of Victoria

  • Your Law Institute of Victoria Telstra discount is here! We’ve teamed up with Telstra to bring you 15% off all eligible mobile and data plans on your Telstra Small Business account.

    To access this member benefit, you will need the following:

    Be a current member of Law Institute of Victoria
    A valid ABN
    A Telstra Small Business Account

    If you meet the above requirements, you can apply for a 15% discount on your eligible Telstra Small Business mobile and data plans. Simply submit your details using this form.

    Need help or have questions? If you have any enquires relating to this discount offer, please send us an email or call our partners on 07 3225 6504.

  • All eligible services on this account will receive a 15% discount on the monthly bill once your submission is verified and processed.
  • Your LIV membership number (if known/applicable)
  • Terms & Conditions: You must be a current LIV member to access this offer. This discount is available for the plan component of all eligible Telstra Small Business mobile voice and data plans only. This discount does not apply to excess usage charges, optional add-ons (e.g. International travel packs, additional data packs, hardware repayments outside of plan price inclusion) or outright hardware purchases.

    Please Note: The discount may take up to two (2) Telstra billing cycles to reflect on your Telstra Small Business account, depending on where in your billing cycle this submission is received and processed by Telstra.